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Areej Le Doré I A FASCINATING HOUSE I "Compact reviews of all the perfumes of this house" I ENGLISH VERSION I

I do not have the inspiration to talk about the house at the same time, I'll let the brand speak for itself, then I'll come back to the perfumes.

Being a producer of pure essential oil of agarwood and sandalwood of the highest caliber, Areej Le Doré is in a position to see the industry from the inside. That means we can use some of our unique, wild and organic oils, and we have the opportunity to select the best ingredients from renowned producers and suppliers from around the world.

In addition to high quality essential oils, absolutes and other types of extracts, Areej Le Doré uses some of the most precious and unusual ingredients to draw a luxurious and colorful aura around the user. Each of our compositions consists of at least one ingredient that many have never heard of ... a rare rose from Afghanistan, a wild, exclusive, wild, and soft Sri Lankan agarwood oil from Sri Lanka, or legally obtained, macerated deer musk grains from Siberia.

Oud, rose, sandalwood, jasmine and musk are probably the most common ingredients that appear as notes on many of the fragrances we know. Unfortunately, it is estimated that between 80% and 100% of the components in most designer and niche fragrances are synthetic. Synthetic oud, for example, has very little in common with natural or pure oil. It can offer satisfactory performance in terms of projection and longevity ... but it lacks the distinctive character, the horizontal and vertical olfactory depth, as well as the soothing effects of the soul of the real oud oil. This is also the case with rose, sandalwood, jasmine, musk, and countless other aromas. Unfortunately, in the light of such unrestrained adulteration and substitution, the names of these precious aromatics have become meaningless titles, empty of significant content.

Founded by the extraordinary agarwood oil distiller, the Russian Adam, Areej Le Doré returns credibility and respect to the aromatics mentioned above. When we include a specific raw material in our list of ingredients, you can be sure that it is genuine.

Each perfume we offer consists of Russian Adam using natural and rare ingredients with an occasional and delicate touch of high quality synthetic materials whenever required.

Areej Le Doré represents a golden aroma and aura, highly pleasant, intense and beautiful; an extraordinary and well-balanced fusion of traditions from all over the world. It combines the significant depth, aggressive intensity and simplicity of Russian culture, the mysterious and luxurious character of Arabic perfumery and the delicate elegance, whispering charm and romantic beauty of French fragrances.

Through the use of rare and nearly forgotten ingredients of the highest quality, combined with innovative distillation techniques,

Areej Le Doré aspires to return one to the old roots of the perfumery,

as well as revitalize the olfactory experience with a modern touch.

A note of the mark.

"These are words that I can confidently attribute to art under the name of Areej Le Doré." He captures the spirit of understanding what a colossal work, unlimited talent and burning love are behind the whole creation of this house! .. I will not stop to sincerely admire the creator's skill. "

The bard.


In particular, Oud Zen impressed me impressively with its flawless performance. Despite the rich set of sounds, it is impossible to forget for a minute that the heart of the composition is precisely the natural and precious beat. The rest of the notes just virtuously frame it. Definitely a real and incomparable UD is always a good idea. After applying Oud Zen, a delicious Oud cloud, thick, dark, hot, strong and vibrant, with a light chocolate tone, immediately envelops me. Later, the aroma becomes drier thanks to a duet of sour saffron and a penetrating vetiver. And the soothing sandalwood and the painful balsamic animal give an incomparable and surprising taste for a long time. In addition to the olfactory impressions, the aroma is rich in the associations and feelings they evoke. In my case, this is definitely the case. Frankly, at first I even lost the power of the speech of pictures so bright and sincere that it attracts my imagination. Oud Zen - a feeling of being back home.


The Oud has become a name or word similar in my life of perfumery. Yes, more recently, his unparalleled, unique and truly emotional sound touched my heart. So I could not remain indifferent to the new fragrance of Areej Le Doré, who naturally opened for me another facet of the olfactory miracle called Oud. Thus, Oud Spicy is a strong, intoxicating, harsh, dominant, strong and decisive aroma. Its rich, powerful and slightly acidic beginning resembles a noble drink of long-term aging with a generous pinch of fiery spices and delicate chocolate bitterness. Subsequently, wild beats, dry tobacco and strong coffee together make for a fascinating game, increasing the already considerable degree of masculinity in the composition. On the other hand, a deep, pacifying blur balances and softens a dizzying trio!

Atlantic Ambergris

Life is definitely full of wonders, including perfumery. Proof of this are the four new scents of Adam, the familiarity with which I am rightly mistaken for a miracle. These fascinating, unique, and immensely beautiful compositions give me genuine admiration and delight. Its warmth literally heats the soul. Atlantic Ambergris is a perfect synergy of spicy, floral, fresh and balsamic notes. The brackish beginning of the first citrus-coniferous waves of the sunset soon becomes more vivid due to the expressive but not sharp rose. A light, soft, fluffy amber, which is the basis of the composition, is constantly seen through the water column. From afar, a light breeze brings a compelling floral echo. At the end, scented waves give way to the fascinating triad, balsamic and smoked myrrh, labdanum and tonka fava. The aroma is sustained in calm, delicate and sometimes soft tones. At the same time, it has a tangible depth and magnificent strength.


Russian Winter (Russian Winter) is a thick, dense, non-trivial aroma with a firm but friendly character. The solemn, balsamic, soft, ripe, purple and truly royal rose, whose sound opens the scent, disappears quickly without a trace, while it manages to give the fragrance a certain tone of fragile sensuality. In the next stage of the revelation of composition, a harmoniously flawless synchronous sound of seemingly mutually exclusive icy and warm aromatic notes is clearly felt. On the one hand, for bright freshness, but not glaring in response, cedar and sharp white pepper. At the same time, the game of honey velvet oud, gently expressed lively and fluffy musk is clearly and discreetly in the background. Gradually, the last notes completely entrap the first one. In the end, the aroma also acquires an incredibly deep and incredibly attractive and musky sound and a light and salty nuance.

Ottoman Empire Areej Le Doré

In the Ottoman Empire, the seemingly classic combination of rose and you acquired an utterly unusual sound. I'll make a reservation immediately, even the notes I know are perceived differently in the fragrance: deeper, brighter, higher. It would be a completely different perfume reality ... And this is not surprising, given the natural and rare ingredients that make up this precious composition. Then, at the beginning of the revelation, attention is fixed on a magnificent and solemn rose with sunny frangipani flowers wrapped in a viscous myrrh. The next stage of the release makes me even happier: spicy nutmeg with precious agar oil and a little cinnamon. The bitter, salty mossy base, with calm sandalwood and smoky amber, defies description. The aroma is alive, echoing and pulsing in unison with my heart. The more I use, the more I fall in love. There is every reason to seriously consider a possible change in my "I" perfume. This fascinating scented kaleidoscope is definitely to my liking.


A special compliment is the Siberian Musk - in my opinion, this is the most charismatic fragrance of the Areej Le Doré line. The initial icy citrus splash, bright aromatic pine and a graceful sprig of bergamot can not but cause a cheerful and exceptionally bright mood. After a while, the aroma heats up, the spices, the green galbanum and the pie, an almost imperceptible orange bitterness. A little later, a thick, velvety musk is cleverly woven into the overall composition, giving the perfume a more sensual and intoxicating hue. Far as the dark patchouli and the dry vetiver meet. A musky green duet gently shaken for a long time sounds from the skin with a soft, deep baritone. The rich Siberian musk notes palette paints a charming painting with scented paints, ie landscape (especially mountainous). I literally see before me this majestic view, boundless and surprising, painfully dear and so dear to my heart ..

Flux de Fleur

Flux de Fleur is a magnetic, mysterious, sensual and floral noir with a non trivial animal character. At first, the brilliant tropical trio of lotus, frangipani and tuberosa, deftly framed by frankincense, forms a dense, almost tangible and moderately sweet cloud, balanced with a prickly and bitter grapefruit. Soon, thanks to the intervention of warm amber, dusty, pulsing and honey, the flowers become darker. In the end, hundreds of petals disintegrate into a predatory, bitter, tobacco-like, strange, balsamic-animal feather. It is incredible the virtuous and consistent way that the fragrance travels the gentle female path to the brutal masculine sound without losing the floral tonality. Definitely, such a game of notes can not fail to impress. Previously, I avoided floral scents, believing I have little in common with them. Well, after meeting Flur de Fleur, I was happy to see the opposite. :)


And I liked the aroma! The chemistry of the skin is probably what decides everything ... what is the color of the perfume, what associations are associated with it? the olfactory journey is a dark, very dark potion, the potion of a witch. Base of indolis is very interesting floral, with very beautiful white flowers.
A witch garden.Exotic!


Oh, Walimah ...! Unconditional dream, wish list, I waited to be fulfilled! A beautiful symphony of flowers, warmed by the sunlight, somewhere on the edge of the earth, perhaps where the blue lagoon is? It is difficult to select the notes, they all merge into one, creating their own flow of colors, animalic and sweet. To be honest, I can not imagine in a man just, very sensual and cruel .. but I use rsrs ... I want to add a couple of words to my comment .. This is a crazy beauty! . But with the minimum of application, I hear incredible flowers and petalic notes. If you apply 3-4 sprays, the blast of flowers lasts a long time, giving way to indolic notes, hot tobacco and flowers again!


. Gourmet oud - delicious.

Oud and chocolate dance the waltz together.
The animaly notes give a special tone.
Slight incense burned in drying with labdanun / myrrh at the base is to die for, another champion!
Russian oud is a odor gourmand scent, built around high quality agarwood oil distilled by the Russian Adam, according to an old traditional way ... yet with a unique twist.


The chypre of the house! Vibes of lemon trees and conifers and a naturalistic combo of real musk! I love it!
This one already sends me the forest, a Russian forest!
Chypre classic, full of fresh notes of the frozen forest, driven by the furry character of the animal, with a touch of flowers and an unmistakable pine, feel of a Russian forest with wolves.

OBS: The house uses only natural ingredients free of European Union regulations, which prohibit natural aromas in niche perfumery. Example: Musk. Here everything is highly natural because the procedures are legalized in Thailand free of prohibitions.
Another point to highlight the musk bag is bought from hunters, and the house does not depend on third parties and makes its own Oud.


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