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Areej Le Doré I A FASCINATING HOUSE I "Compact reviews of all the perfumes of this house" I ENGLISH VERSION I

I do not have the inspiration to talk about the house at the same time, I'll let the brand speak for itself, then I'll come back to the perfumes. Being a producer of pure essential oil of agarwood and sandalwood of the highest caliber, Areej Le Doré is in a position to see the industry from the inside. That means we can use some of our unique, wild and organic oils, and we have the opportunity to select the best ingredients from renowned producers and suppliers from around the world. In addition to high quality essential oils, absolutes and other types of extracts, Areej Le Doré uses some of the most precious and unusual ingredients to draw a luxurious and colorful aura around the user. Each of our compositions consists of at least one ingredient that many have never heard of ... a rare rose from Afghanistan, a wild, exclusive, wild, and soft Sri Lankan agarwood oil from Sri Lanka, or legally obtained, macerated deer musk grains from Siberia. Oud, rose, sandal